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Map Legend:

  1. Tulamben
  2. Amed
  3. Gili Selang
  4. Amuk Bay
  5. Padang Bai
  6. Nusa Penida
  7. Nusa Lembongan
  1. Sanur
  2. Nusa Dua
  3. Secret Bay
  4. Menjangan Island
  5. Pemuteran
  6. Pura Jati

Bali is truly the Island of the Gods, both above and below the surface. With so much to do to occupy your surface intervals, and also so many great sites to dive, Bali divers rarely get bored. Just to dive all the sites in Bali would take at least two weeks, and to know them well even longer. The sites range from muck diving in Secret Bay to wreck diving in Tulamben to cold water and drift diving adventures off Nusa Penida with much more in between. Bali has everything to offer novice to advanced divers as there is a wide range of marine life and conditions in the waters off Bali.

Many Kapal Selam divers live and work in Bali and dive these sites frequently (so much so that we consider them our 'house' reefs). Thus over the years we have become site experts and enjoy diving these sites again and again, the same in which a gardener enjoys taking a walk through her yard. It is always a pleasure to encounter familiar friends on the U.S.S. Liberty Wreck and search for new ones in Kubu, be they pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, bumphead parrotfish or anything else.

Kapal Selam members are a fantastic resource of in-depth information on Bali's dive sites and enjoy sharing information and tips with other divers. Conditions, marine life, visibility, accommodation, how to get there, tips, difficulties, and special notes for Bali's (and Kapal Selam's) most popular dive sites are explained in the links below.

Written by: Dorothea Nelson

KSDC Trips to Bali

  1. KSDC Annual trip 2015 - LOB Nusa Penida area Safari
  2. KSDC 2014 Annual Bali Xtreme Dive
  3. Bali Safari 2013
  4. KSDC Bali Extreme Dive Trip 2011
  5. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2011
  6. Batu Abah - South East Nusa Penida
  7. Jonathan Narendraditya Chandra placenta dive
  8. Bali Placenta Diving Josephine Eve Kodiat
  9. Chinese New Year 2011 Dive Tulamben and Macro Hunt
  10. Tulamben October Fest 2009
  11. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2009
  12. Bali Macro Hunt
  13. Bali Reunion Dive
  14. Tulamben Macro Hunting
  15. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2007
  16. Nusa Penida 3 Dives
  17. KSDC Annual Meeting 2007
  18. Back to Tulamben 2007
  19. Christmas Diving Bali 2006
  20. Bali Mola Mola Sunfish 2006
  21. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2006
  22. Tulamben March 2006
  23. Chinese New Year 2006 Bali Dive Safari
  24. Bali New Year 2006
  25. Baby Shower Dive
  26. Bali Weekend Dive
  27. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2005
  28. Welcome Yuji to Bali
  29. Hengky's Underwater Macro Birthday Party
  30. Diving Bali with Hong Kong Diver
  31. Bali Gili New Year's Extravaganza
  32. Dive Bali: Menjangan and Tulamben
  33. Bali Underwater Photography - Pura Jati.
  34. September Ceria Diving
  35. Welcome New KSDC Divers- Test Two
  36. Quest for Manta in Manta Point, Bali
  37. Dynamic Duo Diving Trip to Seraya
  38. Cloudy Bali Diving
  39. Welcome Diving to Bali for Rochmad
  40. Batu Abah, Nusa Penida Drift Diving Trip
  41. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2004
  42. Full Moon Night Diving Bali
  43. Chinese New Year Dive Bali II
  44. Christmas Diving Bali II
  45. Diving Bali Lobster Paradise
  46. Dive Padang Bai - Lala Welcome Diving
  47. Umbilical Cord Diving II
  48. Secret Bay - Bali Muck Diving
  49. Bali KSDC Safari Annual Diving Trip 2003
  50. Nusa Penida Diving Quest
  51. North Bali Exploration Diving
  52. Two Dugongs Diving Ocean Sunfish
  53. Gili's Drift Dive
  54. Jojo Diving to Bali
  55. Dive Back to Tulamben
  56. Scuba Diving to Amuk Bay
  57. Late Valentine Diving Bali
  58. Chinese New Year Diving Bali I
  59. Scuba Diving Gili Selang Ship Wreck Exploration
  60. Diving Padang Bai and Gili Biaha
  61. New Year Diving Bali 2003
  62. Christmas Diving Bali I
  63. Old Pals Gathering at Tulamben
  64. Dive Tulamben, Bali with Wally Siagian
  65. Gili Selang Introduction
  66. Bali Placenta Diving I
  67. Bali Hammerhead Sharks - Gili Selang
  68. Most Recent Nudibranch Photos